Hey, My name is Jason and I am the founder of JLC Web Design. We are fast  becoming one of the leading web design services in the area and we have supplied fantastic looking web sites for many businesses across the UK. JLC web Design has become part of my company ‘JLC Marketing Ltd’ which never actually set out as a web design business, but through reputation and word of mouth, more and more individuals and businesses are approaching us to build their web sites and online presence, this in it’s self tells you a lot.

We currently have a team of designers, SEO specialists and programmers working hand in hand to provide you with the full service that you need to get your business noticed online.

You maybe wondering what sets us apart from the rest? Well…..

  • We didn’t set out looking for business…. the business came to us!
  • We are very reasonably priced and their are no hidden costs
  • We listen…. and we provide exactly what you want
  • There are no limits, no job is too big or too small
  • We are very versatile in terms of design
  • We always stick to deadlines

Unlike other web design companies we like to keep you updated throughout the build, meaning that we send you regular updates and milestones so that we can ensure our design work is on par with how you imagined it, although most of the time we far exceed our customers expectations!

Establishing an online presence has become more important than ever. We are here to listen and to fulfil all of your online needs. Please get in touch